Its my life….

I heard the other day that Bon Jovi is playing Hyde Park this summer, and mused back to when I last saw him there….quite a few years back now. It was very hot and we couldn’t get near the stage, but it was a great gig all the same.   One of his songs springs to mind “Its my life.

Well yes, that’s right……..but how much of your life is your life at the moment?  Are you doing stuff because you believe you “should” be doing it rather than “wanting” to do it?

Are you trying to lose weight because someone else told you you should….?  Are you going for a promotion because you’ve been told its the next step even though you don’t really like your job……? Now that you have retired do you believe you can’t do stuff because you are too old….?

If this is what is happening for you, then its not your life is it?  Someone else is telling you how to run it.  So what if you have put on a bit of weight over the years, is it really that bad? Do you want the promotion because you would really like to do the job or is it really simply because you think more money would be good?  What does “too old” mean for you? Is this a mindset that you have learned from an early age? That when you retire you are finished?

Now, you may well agree that you want to lose weight…….. because you feel uncomfortable – your jeans are too tight for a start! But hey, that’s you wanting to lose weight because you feel uncomfortable, not because someone else is telling you you should.  By taking responsibility yourself you shift the reason for losing weight. Its your reason, not someone else’s…. and by reframing in this way you are much more likely to succeed with dropping a jeans size.

Do you really want the promotion?  Is it something you have been waiting for and are eager to achieve? Or is it just another way of getting more money? Why do you want more money?  What will this give you? How do you see yourself doing this job in 5 years time? Relaxed and happy with a good family life or burnt out because you didn’t really like the job anyway and just took it because you were told you should?

Are you ready to sit back and relax now? If you are, that’s fine, but do you really believe that now that you have retired you are on the shelf and no use to anyone?

Is this really living your life? As Bon Jovi sings “Its my life and its now or never, cos I aint gonna live for ever” – whether you are a Bon Jovi fan or not, its a statement to think about. We aren’t going to live forever….so why not live the life you want now. Why carry on doing stuff because you believe you should rather than you want to.

Another Bon Jovi song quote – “I’m not old, just older”…. Its never too late to have the freedom to be you, you know whatever your age.  Its there and up for grabs.  You just need to take that first step towards it.  Coaching can really help you unblock limiting beliefs and help you create the life you want………are you ready to step up to the challenge?


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