“What we leave behind is more important than ourselves”

Did you see Mr Selfridge last night? Most of you will know that I am an avid fan of this programme. I find it some it so inspirational. Two of his quotes last night stood out to me, the first being:

“What we leave behind is more important than ourselves”.

What a great reason for creating his dream of the finest department store in Oxford Street, as opposed to building up his emporium just to make more and more money for the sake of it.

Its a great reason for setting a goal…….. that you want to leave a legacy. You are more likely to succeed with a goal if it aligns with your core values as opposed to external sources, such as money and possessions.

And the second: “The future is now”

Mr Selfridge was living the life he wanted to live now, and not projecting it to some point in the future.

Having established his ultimate goal, he was committed to taking actions that moved him towards it and feeling good about himself at that time, not at some time in the future. In other words, he had his ultimate goal of creating his dream store in London, and was enjoying every action he took as he built it up towards that dream.

Its great to have a future goal to work towards, but many people fail to make it to their dream because they are always projecting themselves into the future – “when I reach my goal, I will be happy….when I reach my goal I will have a better job.”…etc. They then get fed up with the waiting and give up, thinking that they would never have achieved the goal anyway.

You need to feel good now, not at some point in the future if you are to achieve your goal. Taking “bite size” positive action, step by step,  along the way allows you to enjoy the process. And who knows what you will achieve? You may have your own legacy to leave…….

Margaret Yates

18 February 2013

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