What’s so good about Procrastination?

When I first started work in Martins Bank, many years ago, I had a calendar on my desk – one of those with quotes.  I recall a particular quote being “Procrastination is the thief of time”.  I had no idea what “Procrastination” meant at the time and had to look it up. Since then, it is something that I have been guilty of many times….why do we make excuses and avoid doing things?

Well, sometimes it just easier to do nothing isn’t it? That feels comfortable and safe……..or does it? Does it still feel comfortable when you know that you have a project to complete or that difficult file to analyse by a certain date and you have done nothing towards it? No it doesn’t, not really. Its always there, nagging away. The truth is Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.” –William James.

So what’s the answer? What is it about the project or file analysis that you are afraid of? Do you see that project as a huge commitment, something you haven’t done before and that you could fail at? That file….is it going to be so complicated that it will take forever to analyse and will you get the analysis right? Are you trying to look at what could happen before you have actually started off? By thinking in this way and feeling the fear you are making out to yourself that things are insurmountable before you have actually taken the first step.

Well, as Martin Luther King, Jr said… “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step”.. In fact as you take the first step towards the project/analysis, a whole new set of ideas may open up which may well cause you to take a shift from your initial map of the situation. By taking the first step you change your awareness and whilst you may not be entirely enthusiastic about it you have made a positive decision to take ACTION!. Look back on your previous experiences, remember how good it felt when you took action and completed a task. Taking that thought forward…… is there something that has been hanging around in your “in tray” for a while that could make you feel good again? Go on, take that first step…..!

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